Full paper selection process

On acceptance of the abstract, the author can submit the full paper for evaluation, in order for it to be published.

The paper will be subject to a peer review process consisting of a double blind peer review.

The basic evaluation relates to the following criteria: the compliance to the LUMEN conference standards of publication: the number of pages, the quality of images used in figures, tables, etc., the scientific feature of the manuscript; the correct correspondence between quoted sources and the reference chapter; the existence of a structure.

The basic evaluation is done by director of the LUMEN conference, acting as editors in charge for all LUMEN conference full papers publication.

The accepted manuscript, will be assigned to two reviewers to assess it in terms of the basic criteria. The process will aim to evaluate the proposed paper both technically (the correct use of English and the correct use and fairness of the citation/antiplagiarism system) and scientifically (identifying the purpose, methodology, own contribution, results and conclusions as stated in the abstract, in strict correspondence with the initial abstract accepted at the Conference). If both reviewers accept the paper, the conference director will send the author any revision requests relating to the manuscript.

If there are divergent opinions on the part of the reviewers, an external third reviewer (nominated by the LUMEN conference director) will be consulted. After the three reviewers have considered the manuscript, the LUMEN conference director will assume their advocacy role and accept or reject the paper.

After the revisions have been undertaken by the author, these will be checked by the initial reviewers.

If necessary, a second revision will be requested. Otherwise the paper is accepted and the author is informed accordingly, and the paper is then sent to the editorial process.

At the end of this stage, the article is accepted for publishing. If the author wishes to publish the paper (sent in English only) in the Proceedings volume (proposed for indexing in Thomson Reuters – Conference Proceedings Citation Index), the accept is final and the author can pay the publication tax.

For articles in Romanian, the acceptance is valid for the volume published in Romanian, by LUMEN Publishing.

If the author wishes to publish in associated scientific journals, with ISSN, indexed in Thomson Reuters or International Databases, after LUMEN has accepted the paper, the text needs to go through an extra evaluation step specific to the journal in question.

In this regard, the author who wishes his article to be published in one of the journals, should send in maximum 3 days from the LUMEN general accept, a request for the article to be evaluated in one of the journals, re-sending the paper with the corrections required by the reviewer, formatted according to the recommendations and the template specific for the journal. If it is necessary, the article should be modified so that the citation is done in the specific format of the journal. The article is sent to the guest-editor responsible for the journal’s special issue, named by LUMEN. After the acceptance from the guest-editor, the articles are sent to the journals’ editorial boards who will reserve the right to make a further peer review. In case the article is accepted, it will be sent into publication process to the specific journal. If necessary, the article should be corrected so that the style of citation should be in accordance to the specific of the journal.

In case the journal rejects the paper, requests a proofreading and formatting fee that the author doesn’t wish to pay, or the minimum number of papers isn’t met, the author is notified with regard to this situation and can re-propose the article to a journal who still has open spaces, in which case the review process will be repeated, under the responsibility of the new journal, or is scheduled to be published in the proceedings volume in English, (proposed for indexing in Thomson Reuters – Conference Proceedings Citation Index).


Proces de selectie a lucrarilor in extenso

La acceptarea abstractului, autorul poate trimite lucrarea in extensor spre evaluare in vederea publicarii.

Lucrarea va fi supusa unui process de double blind-peer-review.

Evaluarea de baza se refera la urmatoarele criterii: conformitatea cu standardele de publicare a conferintelor LUMEN: numarul de pagini, calitatea imaginilor utilizate in figuri, tabele, etc., caracteristica stiintifica a lucraarii; corespondenta corecta dintre sursele citate si capitolul de bibliografie; existenta unei structuri.

Evaluarea de baza se face de catre directorii conferintei LUMEN, in calitate de editori responsabili pentru toate publicatiile lucrarilor in extensor in urma conferintelor LUMEN.

Manuscrisul acceptat va fi trimis catre 2 referenti pentru a fi evaluat in ceea ce priveste criteriile de baza. Procesul va avea ca scop evaluarea lucrarilor propuse atat din punct de vedere tehnic (utilizarea corecta a limbii Engleze si utilizarea corecta a citarilor/sistemului anti-plagiat) cat si stiintific (identificand scopul, metodologia, contributia personala, rezultatele si concluziile prezentate in Abstract, in stricta corespondenta cu Abstractul initial acceptat la Conferinta). Daca ambii referenti accepta lucrarea, Directorii conferintei vor trimite autorului orice cerere de revizuire cu privire la manuscris.

In cazul in care exista opinii divergente din partea recenzorilor, un al treilea recenzor extern (nominalizat de catre Directorii Conferintei LUMEN) va fi consultat. In urma evaluarii manuscrisului de catre cei 3 referenti, Directorii Conferintei LUMEN isi vor asuma rolul de advocacy si vor accepta sau respinde lucrarea.

Dupa ce autorul a efectuat toate revizuirile indicate, acestea vor fi verificate de catre recenzorii initiali.

Daca este necesar, se va cere o a 2-a revizuire. In caz contrar, lucrarea va fi acceptata si autorul va fi informat in consecinta, lucrarea urmand a fi trimisa in procesul editorial.

La finalul acestei etape, articolul este acceptat pentru publicare. Daca autorul doreste publicarea articolului (trimis exclusive in limba engleza) in volumul de proceedings (propus spre indexare in Thomson Reuters – Conference Proceedings Citation Index) acceptul este final si poate achita taxa aferenta publicarii.

Pentru articole in limba romana, acceptul este valabil pentru volumul publicat in limba romana, de Editura LUMEN.

Daca se doreste  publicarea in jurnale stiintifice asociate, cu ISSN, indexate in Thomson Reuters sau Baze de Date Internationale , dupa acceptarea efectuata de catre LUMEN este necesar ca textul sa parcurga o etapa suplimentara de evaluare specifica jurnalului in cauza.

In acest sens autorul care doreste ca articolul sa para in unul din jurnale trimite in maximum 3 zile de la primirea acceptului general LUMEN, o solicitare ca articolul sa fie evaluat in unul din jurnale, retrimitand lucrarea cu corecturile solicitate de referent, formatate in acord cu recomandarile referentilor si in template-ul specific jurnalului. Daca este cazul, articolul trebuie sa fie modificat astfel incat stilul de citare  sa fie realizat in formatul specific revistei. Articolul este trimis guest- editorului responsabil cu numarul special specific revistei, numit de LUMEN. Dupa acceptul guest- editorului articolle sunt trimise catre redactiile revistelor care  isi rezerva dreptul de a realiza un peer review suplimentar. In cazul in care articolul este acceptat, el va intra in procesul de productie la revista respectiva, autorul trebuind sa achite taxa de publicare specific revistei.

In cazul in care revista respinge articolul, solicita o taxa de proofreading si formatare tehnica – pe care autorul nu este dispus sa o plateasca sau din lipsa intrunirii numarului minim de articolului, conform call-ului, autorul este notificat cu privire la aceasta situatie si poate repropune articolul catre o revista care mai are pozitii disponibile, caz in care se repeta procesul de review, in responsabilitatea noii reviste, sau este programat, cu acordul autorului, pentru a fi publicat in volumul de proceedings in limba engleza,  (propus spre indexare in Thomson Reuters – Conference Proceedings Citation Index).