World LUMEN Congress 2021

Dear Friends, 

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the World LUMEN Congress 2021. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty. 20th LUMEN Anniversary Edition! 26- 30 May 2021, Iasi, Romania.

World LUMEN Congress 2021 will explore new approaches in social and humanistic fields, through its anniversary theme “Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty”, by bringing in debate international academics, practitioners and experts together in a safe online environment.

This edition of World LUMEN Congress continues the first edition that was held in 2016, at the 15th LUMEN Anniversary. For the moment, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic that the entire world faces, the congress will have an online format only.

There are expected and encouraged papers with transdisciplinary approaches that overcome the existing cleavage between theory and practice. The large spectrum of topics and types of presentations come to support both diversity and researchers’ access to the congress.  See the topics here.

This edition of World LUMEN Congress 2021 gives the opportunity of many types of presentations: plenary, oral & poster presentations, but also encourage the proposal of associated events such as lectures, workshops, round-tables, book releases, conferences.

How to register |

Download the registration form available at the Registration page and start the abstract submission using the LUMEN Submission Platform.

We are currently in Early registration period – up until March 1st, 2021. Go see the fees and deadlines for each manner of presentation.

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ORAL Presentation | For oral presentation, there will be considered both video recording of the presentation and a live presentation of the same paper within one of the ZOOM regular session scheduled in the Congress.

All registered participants with oral presentations are kindly invited to send their video recording of their presentation, in order for their participation to be validated. This video will be made available, for global audience, on the Youtube Channel Editura LUMEN, the official YouTube Chanel of the Congress.

How the ZOOM sessions will take place | At the time of the Congress the presentations will be scheduled into live ZOOM sessions, and participants who will be scheduled to present their works will have a 10 minutes dedicated time for paper presentation, followed by a 5-minute interval allocated for answers to questions. In the minutes allocated for live presentation, the authors will very briefly present the pre-recorded video, which is already uploaded on YouTube.

Click here & Register now at the World LUMEN Congress 2021

POSTER Presentation | By registering with poster presentation, your paper will be world wide available online via Facebook page of LUMEN Conference Center, where a dedicated album with all the poster presentations from WLC2021 will be created.

The poster will be displayed online throughout the posters session during the congress and will remain online post congress.

Please see below the available options: 

#1. if you will design your poster – you should use the Corel Draw template and create your poster starting from the resume of your paper. After creating it, you should send it to us (in PDF or JPG format), via, so to be confirmed by us from the point of view of the graphical, ethical and editorial compliance. After our team approves it, the poster will be posted on the Facebook page of the LUMEN Conference Center, on the online poster session. Poster to be sent to us no later than May 5th, 2021

#2. if you choose for us to create your poster – (for a 20 euro poster design fee) – based on your paper resume, sent by email, we will proceed to create your poster, using the same Corel Draw poster template. After creating it, the poster will be sent to you for confirmation. After your approval, the poster will be uploaded on the Facebook page of the LUMEN Conference Center, on the online poster session.

For many detailed information on the manners of paper presentation provided by this edition of World LUMEN Congress, please consult Presentations Guidelines page.

Looking forward meeting you all online at the World LUMEN Congress 2021, to celebrate 20 years of LUMEN activity!

The Organizing Team of World LUMEN Congress 2021