World LUMEN Congress 2021

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the LUMEN Conference Center, Iasi, Romania, we invite you to submit your proposal for presenting as plenary speakers within the World LUMEN Congress 2021. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty. WLC2021. 20th LUMEN Anniversary Edition! 26-30 May 2021, Iasi, Romania.

This edition of World LUMEN Congress 2021 gives the opportunity of many types of presentations: plenary, oral & poster presentations, but also encourages the proposal of associated events such as lectures, workshops, round-tables, book releases, conferences.

What you should know prior the proposal registration |

We encourage proposals in any of the topics of the Congress, considering both the theoretical and empirical approach of the subject that the plenary speakers will address. Please consult the Congress topics & the fees and deadlines

Scientific recognition of the plenary speakers in their field of expertise |

The scholars who would like to propose their speech for a plenary presentation within the WLC2021 should first consider she/he accomplishes the following aspects:

  • high visibility of his/her research in the scientific community, by having at least Hfactor 4 in Research ID Web of Science or Scopus

The success of a plenary speaker presentation should consider the following aspects:

  • the presentation acknowledges the diversity of scholarly activity in academic field;
  • the presentation should be inspiring and of broad interest to the Congress diverse scientific community, by addressing both to new entry scholars and to senior researchers in the field;

Qualities of well-skilled plenary speakers should include:

  • highly-regarded oratory and presentation skills
  • presentation content expertise
  • ability to engage an audience
  • creativity and innovation

Time framing |

At the time of the Congress, each plenary presentation will be scheduled into specific-section sessions, and participants who will be scheduled to present their works will have up to 15-20 minutes of presentation, followed by a 5-10-minute interval allocated for answers to questions. In the 20 minutes of presentation, they will very briefly present the pre-recorded video, which is already uploaded on YouTube. See the extended presentation guidelines here

How to apply |

To submit a proposal, please provide the following information:

  • Title of proposed plenary speech
  • Abstract (250 words) of the proposed plenary speech
  • Short video recording of the proposed keynote speech (after the registration is validated by the Organizing team)
  • The last-updated CV, including all previous speaking engagements/presentations

To improve the efficiency, please submit your proposal by filling out the form bellow

Start here to submit your proposal for plenary sessions

We deeply appreciate your interest and contribution to the success of World LUMEN Congress 2021.

Looking forward to your proposals!


World LUMEN Congress 2021 Organizing Committee!

Nota Bene! LUMEN Conference Organizing Committee is not covering any plenary speaking expenses for the selected speakers.