World LUMEN Congress 2021

Lecture: How does a client experience philosophical consultation? by Jorge Humberto Dias & Tiago Pita | Lisbon, Portugal

Lecture’s description | Created in 2008, the PROJECT@ Office – a corporate brand for the business of philosophy consultations – started to offer philosophical consultations in Portugal. Later on, in order to better understand the client’s experience from those consultations, a questionnaire was prepared, which the customers/clients answered at the end of the consultations.

We will take this opportunity to share with all the results and promote/motivate an open space for debate with colleagues from other countries that are involved in philosophical practice.

We are aware that the research and evaluation on philosophical consultations is an innovative activity, but also fundamental for the evolution of philosophical counselling as a discipline.

Jorge Humberto Dias’s Biodata |

Jorge Humberto Dias holds a degree in Philosophy and a PhD in Moral and Political Philosophy. He is a trainer of the Portuguese Association for Ethical and Philosophical Counselling (APAEF), Philosophical Counsellor at PROJECT@ Office and visiting professor at Atlantic University (Portugal) and Universidad Vasco de Quiroga (Mexico). Jorge Humberto Dias is the coordinator of the research project ”Perspectives on Happiness: Contribution to Portugal in the World Happiness Report (United Nations Organization)”.

Tiago Pita ’s Biodata|

Tiago Pita holds a degree in Philosophy, Clinical and Health Psychology, a master in Education, School Management and Administration and a PhD in Psychology. He is a trainer and Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of the Portuguese Association for Ethical and Philosophical Counselling (APAEF), Clinical and Heath Psychologist and collaborates with secondary and university levels, teaching and providing training both on Philosophy and Psychology. Tiago Pita is member of Perspectives on Happiness: Contribution to Portugal from the World Happiness Report (United Nations Organization).

Lecture’s time | May 27th, 2021