World LUMEN Congress 2021

Lecture: “Philosophical posthumanism” by Francesca Ferrando

Lecture description |

Here are some of the philosophical questions addressed by the lecture developed by Francesca Ferrando:

  • What does” human” end and ”posthuman” begin?
  • Are posthumans still humans?
  • Is contemporary humanity ready to accept posthumans?
  • Are today’s humans responsible for tomorrow’s postumans?

Will posthumans and humans be in conflict with each other, while the evolved posthuman may tend to replace the less evolved human?

Francesca Ferrando’s biodata |

Francesca Ferrando – Professor Ph.D. in Philosophy

M.A. in Gender Studies
NYU-Liberal Studies
Award Winning Philosopher
Co-Founder of the Global Posthuman Network

Francesca Ferrando, Ph.D., teaches Philosophy at NYU-Liberal Studies, New York University. A leading voice in the field of Posthuman Studies and founder of the Global Posthuman Network, she has been the recipient of numerous honors and recognitions, including the Sainati prize with the Acknowledgement of the President of Italy. She has published extensively on these topics; her latest book is Philosophical Posthumanism (Bloomsbury 2019). In the history of TED talks, she was the first speaker to give a talk on the topic of the posthuman. US magazine “Origins” named her among the 100 people making change in the world. Info:

Lecture time | May 30th, 2021