World LUMEN Congress 2021

Master Class „Gradual Individuation of the Human Being within the Universe and the Preservation of Cosmic Order/Harmony through Ritual, according to Brahmanism” by Dr. Hilda-Hedvig Varga and Dr. Ovidiu Nedu


Hilda-Hedvig VARGA, PhD in philosophy, independent researcher


Ovidiu NEDU, PhD, “Paul Păltănea” History Museum, Galaţi, Romania; University of Bucharest, Romania

Language of presentation | English

Co-organizers | LUMEN Research Center in Social & Humanistic Sciences, Romania

Short description of the master class |

According to Brahmanism, the individual person is a mere experience, a phenomenon, something that rather ʻhappensʼ than ʻisʼ. Personal experiences do not represent the experiences undergone by an alleged ʻpersonʼ but a phenomenon of self-restriction undergone by the Universe, in its full entirety. Human lives do not pertain to some alleged ʻindividual beingsʼ who would experience them but to the Universe, to its substratum (Brahman), which equally ʻhostsʼ all these lives. The person is not a being, it is not some kind of substantial entity. All along the personal experience no individual ʻentity/beingʼ is involved but only experiences, more or less defined, of individuation, undergone by the Universe itself.  Well-known is the fact that an intellectualized approach of religious tradition usually warrants a more practical, pragmatic angle as well. That is also true for Brahmanism, at its core exponents, the brahmins, were entrusted with the legacy of the correct performance of rites and rituals. Through rite and ritual, man attains a privileged position in the earthly plain, as he becomes the sustainer of cosmic order and harmony by fulfilling the duty of acting according to scriptural tenets. 

Event time | Sunday, May 30th, 2021