World LUMEN Congress 2021


Jean Piere CLERO, PhD 

Professor PhD, University of Rouen, FRANCE

He is teaching in the Department of philosophy, being specialized in Anglo-Saxon philosophy. His philosophical concerns go beyond the framework of analytical philosophy. The analytical philosophy is the starting point and methodological instrument that allows him to make exegetical inroads in the sphere of ethics, especially in applied ethics and bioethics, in philosophy of language and anthropology.

He has previously taught in Flaubert and Joan of Arc Highschools from Rouen, then in 1994 has become Associate Professor at the University of Haute-Normandie. He obtains his habilitation at the University of Paris X – Nanterre, on January 24, 1996. In the same year, he was made Professor at the University of Haute-Normandie. In 2001, he advances to the status of Class 1 Professor, in 2010 achieving the status of Professor of Exceptional Class. Currently, is Director of Bentham Center, from the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris, being member of the International Academy of History of Sciences from Bruxelles.

Plenary Speech Title | The Manufacturing of “False Windows” in Law and Ethics – Symetries and Dissymetries of Values

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