World LUMEN Congress 2021

Jorge Humberto DIAS, PhD

Atlântica – Instituto Universitário | Portugal & Universidad Vasco de Quiroga | México

He has a European PhD in Moral and Political Philosophy from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal), with a PhD Internship in the Research Group “Applied Philosophy: Society, Subject and Suffering” at the University of Seville “(Spain). His thesis was on Happiness and Philosophical Consultancy. Web: . He is a researcher responsible for the Project “Perspectives on Happiness. Contributions to Portugal in the World Happiness Report (UN)”, created in October 2017 at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Web: . He is invited professor at Universidade Atlântica (Portugal), where he teaches the subject of Ethics, Happiness and Philosophical Counseling. Coordinator of 2 Postgraduate Courses: “People Management and Organizational Happiness” and “Philosophical Counseling for People and Organizations”. Web: . He is invited professor at the Vasco de Quiroga University (Mexico), where he teaches the subject of History of Applied Philosophy. Web: . He is a consultant at the PROJECT @ Office. Web: . Author of several publications on Applied Philosophy, Philosophical Counseling, Happiness, PROJECT @ Method, Happiness Manager, etc. Web:


Plenary Speech Title | From the World Happiness Report (UN) to the Figure of the Corporate Philosopher

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